Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It's a good thing I wasn't on the road......

So Covenant made a rule last week that Cross country runners are no longer allowed to run on the roads because we might get hit by cars, the college might get sued, etc., etc., etc.

In light of this, I was not thrilled to do a 70 minute slow run on 2 miles of trails, so three of us set off for sunset rock on the bluff trail. The bluff trail is the rather treacherous 4 mile stretch of 2 foot wide rock strewn trail with cliffs on one side and a 150 foot drop on the other.

Normally we run to SS rock and then run back on the roads. But no more.

So yesterday, the three of us who did this run were on our way back, perhaps 1/4 of a mile after we left sunset rock, and I fell. I fell good.

I stepped on one of those jutting rocks with my right foot, which immediately caused my right ankle to decide that this was not going to work. My ankle gave out, and I fell headlong downhill and landed on the side of my left knee, and slid. I stood up with a significant amount of drama, making sure the other two guys felt sufficiently sorry for me and would be sufficiently impressed when I continued the run. The choices were these: 1) Go back to SS rock, up to the road, and wait for one of them to run back to the school and bring a car for me, or 2) run back on the trail and risk it. So I did the latter, and frankly, it helped my knee feel a little better. On the way back, I made sure to ask the guys leading questions that would ensure their stories made me out to have survived something terrible.

Well, we got back to school without further incident and I went to the Athletic training room for a cursory examination to make sure that nothing was too terribly messed up.

As the trainer started to examine my knee and leg (something that had not been done in quite a while) she was pressing my kneecap, feeling the tendons and cartilage therein.

The part that bothers me the most, I think, is the word she used to describe the cartilage in my knee.

She said "Crunchy."

I'm not sure I like the sound of that at all.

Then she was pressing under the bone all the way down my shin and said "Tell me if anything hurts." OK, yeah, whatever, I always hear that, and it never does, so I looked away and my mind started to wander. Remember how I said it never does? Well, this time, it did. Apparently I made quite the reaction when she felt the inside of my left shin just above the ankle. (Hope, Katie, and Amanda, that's the medial side inferior of the tibia, proximal to the tarsals, distal to the patella)

Her response: "Wow, I didn't expect you to go through the roof."

The diagnosis: A banged up knee with possible messed up ligaments (I'm on my way there now for further examination), a "crunchy" kneecap, and stress fractures waiting to happen in my lower leg.

Yep, I sure am glad they're looking our for our safety by confining us to the trails. Somebody could get hurt.


Blogger Jobber said...

Wow. Sorry Nathan. I hope you're on the fast track to recovery (not the trail).
Seriously, though, I'll be praying.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Yes, wow. You've succeeded in making me feel very sorry for you.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Flower Child said...

Nothing like having those in authority look out for your best iterest {note the dripping sarcasm}. I'm really sorry that you hurt your knee. I will be praying that your further diagnosis will be favorable and that recovery will be short. Hey by the way nice medical discription of the location of your injury ;-D

3:34 PM  

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