Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend update.

Good weekened.

First race of the season, and I ran a personal best of 30:34, good for 5th place on the team. We took 10th of 15, but 1st of the teams in our division that were there.

Katie and Amanda came up, much to my surprise, and we all had a good time together with Annie, Hope, Joben, Katz, Ben, and company.

We celebrated Rachelle's birthday with some of her friends at Panera in Chatt-town.

I talked to Micah (again), and we figured out (again) how to save the world (northeastern Africa).

So much for getting schoolwork done......


Blogger Claire said...

Thank you! I've been hoping someone would post. It's been very quiet today. I miss y'all, and I'm glad everything seems to be going well. Great job with the running, Nathan!

5:12 PM  

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