Saturday, October 28, 2006

And the status is.....

I've known for a while that our XC team is falling apart, with injuries and the like. I thought about it person by person today, and the official rundown is as such:

#1. Patrick: He's in good shape and ready for regionals.

#2. Enoch: Missing the race for a family wedding

#3 Matt: Twisted his ankle and sprained ligaments in his foot yesterday during a trail run. On crutches for at least 2-3 days

#4 Jake: Calf and hamstring problems have kept him out of practice for about 2 weeks now.

#5 Me: Doing OK.

#6 Zach: Seems well.

#7 David: Physically OK; motivation seems to be touch and go at times.

#8 Daniel: Stress fractures or close to it in his lower tibia

The Girls:

#1 Lucy: Good as far as I can tell.

#2 (previously #1) Jessie: Hip and IT band hurting; has been out of practice for 1 1/2 weeks

#3 Margaret: OK I think.

#4 Audrey: Rolled her ankle on the same trail run as Matt yesterday; foot in a brace

#5 Ruth: Stepped on a rock that broke one of the bones in her foot; ran two more practices and a race before getting it checked; now no running for 6-8 weeks

#6-8 Ashley, Bethany and Rebekah: Seem fine

So there it is. We certainly won't, as Patrick put it, "be seeing all of our squad on their A-game this year." The NAIA Regional Championship is one week from today; be sure to look for it on ESPN.

OK, it won't really be on ESPN.


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