Thursday, March 15, 2007

Famous last words:

I'll get a world record for this.

It's fireproof.

He's probably just hibernating.

I'm making a citizen's arrest.

So, you're a cannibal.

Are you sure the power is off?

Yeah, I made the deciding vote on the jury, so what of it?

I've seen this done on TV.

These are the good kind of mushrooms.

Let it down slowly.

Rat poison only kills rats.

Just take whatever you want, this is a ghost town.

It's strong enough for both of us.

This doesn't taste right.

Nice doggie.

I've done this before.

Well, we've made it this far.

That's odd.

Don't be so superstitious.


Blogger Ben Cauble said...

Very funny. I think I've said most of those at some point in my life. Which is pretty scary when you think about that.
"No, seriously. Try to hit me."

1:17 PM  

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