Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Warfare and the Hezbollalapolluzah

Some very good insight on modern warfare... of course things were far more civilized when crazed men would meet each other on a huge field and commence hacking. But alas, long gone are those days, and now wars are carried out in the manner we see in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Hope and Micah, I predict an argument in our near future, even though we agree.

Originally stated in this discussion: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=1&f=5&t=487414 (warning: foul language in other parts of the discussion)

Here is one board member's insight:

There are rules to warfare. Some of the most important rules are that combatants don’t hide behind civilians, disguise themselves as civilians, or attack purely civilian targets. (Hitting a civilian factory that makes plastics used in the production of military hardware is acceptable, bombing a nursery isn’t.) Of course there will be collateral damage, that can’t be helped. But you don’t target civilians.

The reasons you don’t hide behind or disguise yourself as a civilian is that it forces your opponent to attack civilian targets in retaliation. The blood of the civilians is on the hands of the war criminals who used civilians as cover.

Then along comes the concept of “asymmetric warfare.” The theory is simple. Wars are really a battle of willpower, the side that gives up first loses. So you disguise your troops as civilians and use civilians as cover for your operations. Then you target your opponent’s civilian population. This forces them to respond in ways that guarantee plenty of collateral damage and minimal losses to your side.

Then your secret weapon shows up. A liberal (aka idiotic) press shows up to report how your opponent is murdering babies with their attacks. Political pressure forces your opponent to stop his attacks while you continue yours. Eventually your opponent gives up.

Of course this only works when your opponents are decent people who care about civilian casualties. That’s why asymmetric warfare is only (effectively) used against Americans and Israelis and not, say, the Chinese.

The bottom line is this…

What’s happening to Lebanon really sucks, I’m very sorry about it. But the criminals responsible are Hezbollah and their Syrian and Iranian allies. When a little innocent Lebanese baby is killed by an Israeli shell, it might as well have been the Iranian government putting a gun in the baby’s mouth and pulling the trigger.


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